Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have more time to pay my bill? Are there any resources available to help?

    Call us at 877-933-2453. We’re here for you with extra payment flexibility this summer. If you need additional assistance paying your bill, call 2-1-1 or visit to find local programs that can help.

  • What are some simple ways to conserve energy during extreme heat?
    • Every degree you raise your thermostat can help you save. And don’t forget to turn it up when you leave home.
    • Run your fans counterclockwise to keep cool air down and turn your blinds upward to keep heat out.
    • If possible, avoid using larger appliances like dryers and ovens during late afternoon hours. 
    • See more Ways To Save 
  • What do I do if I lose power during a storm?

    Please report any power outages to your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU). And follow their communication channels for the latest updates:

  • What is the Tri Us Guarantee?

    The Tri Us Guarantee is our commitment to making sure you’re satisfied with any plan you choose. If you're not completely satisfied within 60 days, we'll help you change to another plan for free.

    If you switch to another provider during your term or change plans after the initial 60 days of enrollment, a cancellation fee may apply. You are still responsible for any billed and unbilled charges. This offer is available to new TriEagle Energy residential customers.

  • What is Triple Price Protect?
     With Triple Price Protect, you don’t have to worry about your rate changing because of the weather, high usage, or fluctuating power prices. That’s because your price is protected as long as you're on the plan -- up to three years.

    Triple Price Protect is available to residential term customers contracted on fixed-rate products. The only circumstance in which the price could change during the term is to reflect actual changes in law or regulatory charges as described in the Electricity Facts Label (EFL).
  • What is TriParency?
    Never worry about surprises on your bill. We keep our pricing transparent, so you always know what to expect. 
  • How much savings can I expect from TriEagle Energy?

    TriEagle Energy customers reported an average savings of $600 on a 2-year plan based on a 2024 survey. It's important to note individual savings vary depending on factors like the plan chosen, energy price changes, seasonal variations, and lifestyle habits. To help maximize savings, stay informed about plan terms, monitor energy usage in your weekly report, and consider energy-efficient practices.

  • How can I stay cool and safe during extreme temperatures?

    As summer continues to heat up, keeping cool isn't just about comfort. It's important to take care during extreme heat conditions. Here are a few tips:

      Stay hydrated by drinking more water than usual and don't wait until you're thirsty.
    • Stay cool by wearing loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and avoiding direct sunlight.
    • Stay informed by checking the weather to prepare for your day and know the signs of heat-related illness.
  • Will there be any hidden charges on my bill?

    Absolutely not. TriEagle Energy’s invoice is designed to be easy to read. Your normal monthly invoice will have your usage, your $4.95 base charge, your PUC and GRT taxes, and that’s it (If you elect to have a special switch or move in, your first bill will have the charge associated with that service as well). Your previous provider may have charged you TDSP pass through charges, which vary from month to month, but with TriEagle, these are bundled into our rates. This can only change to incorporate changes in regulated charges or law and as may otherwise be permitted by the Public Utility Commission of Texas rules.
    SPECIAL NOTE FOR CUSTOMERS SIGNED OR RENEWING WITH US PRIOR TO SEPT 1, 2012: The Public Utility Commission of Texas has authorized your local “wires” company, ONCOR, CenterPoint, AEP, and TNMP to significantly increase the Transmission Cost Recovery Factor that they charge you to service your meter beginning September 1, 2012. The increase in these charges are in line item “TDU Delivery Charges.”

  • Can I pay my bill online?

    Yes! TriEagle Energy offers online bill payment option. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and ACH. You may register for online account and bill pay access here. You may also sign up for Reoccurring Auto Debit by choosing this option in your online bill pay account. There is no fee for making payments online.

  • Why do I see several different rates for energy on the same product? Will I be charged a different amount if I use more/less energy?

    The EFL contains average prices for energy, as well as your energy rate. No matter how much energy you use, you will always be charged your energy rate for each individual kilowatt hour (kWh). However, the average price for service changes because of your monthly fee:
    500 kWh x 10 cents (energy rate) = $50.00 (usage charge)
    $50.00 (usage charge) + $4.95 (monthly fee) = $54.95
    If you pay $54.95 for 500 kWh, each kWh effectively cost 10.99 cents ($54.95 / 500)
    1000 kWh x 10 cents (energy rate) = $100.00 (usage charge)
    $100.00 (usage charge) + $4.95 (monthly fee) = $104.95
    If you pay $104.95 for 1000 kWh, each kWh effectively cost 10.50 cents ($104.95 / 1000)
    Note that in both examples, the energy price for each individual kWh was the same, it was the average price of service (which includes your usage AND your monthly fee) that varied.

  • What is the difference between a standard switch and a self-selected switch?

    By selecting "I want to choose my switch date," you are self-selecting your switch. A self-selected switch allows you to choose the date on which your switch will take place. Normally, your switch will happen in the next 1-7 business days. With a self-selected switch, you can choose any business day between 5 and 90 calendar days ahead. A self-selected switch will result in an additional charge from your TDSP, which will be reflected on your first invoice from TriEagle Energy.

  • What is a web code, and where can I get one?

    Web codes are used for marketing purposes by TriEagle Energy, its partners and referrals from our customers. If you’d like to use a web code for your signup, enter “EAGLE” without the quotes.

  • What taxes will I be charged on my invoice, and how much will they be?

    The only taxes a residential customer is required to pay are the PUC Assessment, and the Gross Receipts Tax reimbursement. As of this writing, the Gross Receipt tax is 0.01997% of the energy charge plus the monthly charge, and the PUC Assessment is .00167% of the energy charge plus the monthly base charge.

  • How do I get my account number once I have completed my signup?

    You will receive your account number with your first bill or via text if you enrolled with a valid mobile number.
    If you are unable to locate your account number, please wait 24 hours after your sign-up and you can request one here:

  • How do I send in my deposit?

    Your deposit, in the form of Cashier’s Check or Money Order can be mailed to TriEagle Energy. For more immediate service, you can pay via MoneyGram by visiting MoneyGram. You can also find MoneyGram payment locations on their website. You will need to use the confirmation number you received after completing your application and the MoneyGram code 15854.

    TriEagle Energy

    P.O. Box 974655

    Dallas, TX 75397-4655

    "Until TriEagle receives a deposit from you, we will not begin the process of switching your provider to us. In section 5.2 of your Terms of Service, we outline a few ways you may qualify for a waived or split deposit. This information was also found in the e-mail we sent to you during your signup process."
  • Will I get my deposit back?

    After 12 consecutive months of service (or the end of your term if it is shorter than 12 months), TriEagle Energy will evaluate your account. If you have had two or fewer late payments, your deposit will be credited back to you, including interest. For more information about TriEagle’s deposit policy, see your Terms of Service and the Your Rights as a Customer document

  • What is deregulation?

    In the past, one company provided all parts of your electric service (generation, transmission and distribution, and retail sales). With competition, these parts are separated. Generation, or production of electricity, has already been deregulated, resulting in an ample supply of new, cleaner and efficient power plants throughout Texas.

    The actual delivery of electricity across poles and wires to your home or business is called transmission and distribution. These services are provided to you by the local wires company, which is responsible for maintaining the poles and wires, and responding to emergencies and power outages as always. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) continues to regulate the delivery of electricity to ensure the safety and reliability of your electric service. With electric competition, Retail Electric Providers (REP’s) sell electricity to you and provide functions such as customer service and billing. It is important to note that no matter which REP provides service, the PUCT continues to enforce customer protections and regulate the delivery of electricity to ensure it is delivered safely and reliably by the local wires company.

  • Do all Texans choose their electricity provider?

    Most Texans have the choice, but those served by some electric cooperatives (also called co-ops) and some municipal electric utilities do not. To check if you are eligible to switch to TriEagle, click here

  • What are the benefits to you?

    Texas’ electric rates per kilowatt-hour are about average, compared to the rest of the country, but our usage is among the highest in the nation due to demand for air conditioning during the long, hot summer season. Competition in other industries has often brought lower prices and innovative, new products and services. Having more control over your buying decision should make it easier to determine what matters most to you, whether it’s prices, renewable energy, customer service, or a company you trust.

  • What is the Electricity Facts Label or (EFL)?

    The Electricity Facts Label is part of your Terms of Service Agreement. All electricity companies are required to provide this. You can view energy rates, fees, and renewable energy content regarding your electricity plan.

  • What is a kilowatt-hour or kWh?

    A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a unit of measurement for electric energy. Most electric rates are priced by the kWh.

  • Why should I choose TriEagle Energy, LP as my REP?

    TriEagle Energy, LP is the company to choose because we are unlike any other Retail Electric Provider in Texas or the nation. Other electric utilities are generally burdened by existing cost structures developed under regulated market conditions, such as expensive downtown facilities, elaborate and inefficient customer service and billing systems, and expensive marketing campaigns.

    TriEagle Energy is a low-cost / high-value provider. We continuously strive to be more efficient and effective through vigorously monitoring our costs, creating innovative processes, and delivering competitively priced energy and useful value add solutions to you.

  • How do I sign up with TriEagle Energy?

    For commercial customers just click on the Commercial link and request a quote. If you are a residential customer just click on Residential link and enroll online, simple and easy. If you have questions or need assistance while completing this form, please contact our Customer Care Center at 877-93-EAGLE (toll free) or 281-681-2381.

  • When I sign up with TriEagle Energy, when will the switch happen?

    A standard switch takes place in 1-7 business days of receipt of your agreement by TriEagle. You may also self-select an alternate start date or a particular move-in date. Before you are switched, you will typically receive written confirmation in the mail. You will receive your first electric bill from TriEagle Energy on the following monthly billing cycle.

  • Should I contact my old provider?

    You do not need to give notice to leave your current supplier yourself because TriEagle takes care of all of the transactions for you.

  • What will stay the same?

    Your current electric utility (TDSP) will continue to deliver your electricity over the same wires and poles but under contract with TriEagle Energy. Your current electric utility will still respond to service interruptions and will continue to maintain the poles and wires.

  • What happens when my contract expires?

    At the end of your agreement with you will have an opportunity to decide on another term of service with TriEagle Energy, or roll over to an interim holdover rate.

  • Will I receive one or two bills a month?

    One simple bill. When you switch to TriEagle Energy, you will receive one bill each month just as you do right now.

  • Do I have a right to cancel?

    For Small Commercial Customers whose aggregate monthly demand for all ESI-IDs listed on the Agreement is 50kW or less, you may cancel within 3 federal business days from when you receive your terms of service statement by contacting TriEagle Energy.

    If you wish to cancel the Agreement after the three federal business day grace period, and before the expiration of the term of the Agreement, you may do so by providing us with 30 days notice, in writing via e-mail or fax, of your intent to do so. You will be sent a final bill, which may include a termination fee, based on your customer class and size.

  • How do I cancel service if I'm moving?

    We make it easy to transfer your service to a new address, give us a call at 877-933-2453 or chat


  • What kind of energy sources does TriEagle Energy use?

    TriEagle Energy purchases power from a variety of generation sources including natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewable sources such as wind. You can also choose power that is 100% renewable by selecting a Green Energy plan.

  • Will there be a deposit?

    A credit check will be performed to determine a deposit amount, if any. We will let you know the amount and options for payment of the deposit when we reply to your request for service.

  • Can I get my deposit waived?

    You may be eligible to have the deposit requirement waived if you meet one of the following criteria:

    • You are over the age of 65 and not delinquent in payment of any electric service account.
    • You have been determined to be a victim of family violence and can submit a certification letter developed by the Texas Council on Family Violence as evidence.

    To speak with a customer care agent regarding a deposit waiver, call our Customer Care Center at 877-93-EAGLE (32453).

  • What are some simple ways to reduce my electricity usage this winter?
    • Lower your thermostat a few degrees to a comfortable setting.
    • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent the cold air from getting inside.
    • Check your weekly usage report to help stay on budget.

Stay Smart About your Energy Usage

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