Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more time to pay my bill? Are there any resources available to help?

What customer resources are available during the pandemic?

What do I do if I lose power during a storm?

Will there be any hidden charges on my bill?

Can I pay my bill online?

Why do I see several different rates for energy on the same product? Will I be charged a different amount if I use more/less energy?

What is the difference between a standard switch and a self-selected switch?

What is a web code, and where can I get one?

What taxes will I be charged on my invoice, and how much will they be?

How do I get my account number once I have completed my signup?

How do I send in my deposit?

Will I get my deposit back?

What is deregulation?

Do all Texans choose their electricity provider?

What are the benefits to you?

What is the Electricity Facts Label or (EFL)?

What is a kilowatt-hour or kWh?

Why should I choose TriEagle Energy, LP as my REP?

How do I sign up with TriEagle Energy?

When I sign up with TriEagle Energy, when will the switch happen?

Should I contact my old provider?

What will stay the same?

What happens when my contract expires?

Will I receive one or two bills a month?

Do I have a right to cancel?

What kind of energy sources does TriEagle Energy use?

Will there be a deposit?

Can I get my deposit waived?

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