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  • What is deregulation?

    There are 3 parts to your electric service: generation, transmission and distribution. With deregulation, these components are separated and you have the right to choose who buy your electricity from. By comparing and shopping for your price per kilowatt, you have a bigger say on how much your bill will be monthly. Your transmission and distribution will stay the same by your Local Distribution Company (LDC) but suppliers, such as TriEagle, will be taking over for the retail sales portion of the service.

  • How does choosing your supplier benefit you?

    Until deregulation, your EDC had a monopoly on your electric service.  You had no choice but to pay the prices set by the EDC.  Due to deregulation, the power is in your hands.  Suppliers provide competitive prices, innovative plans and customer service that lead to a better market geared to customer satisfaction.

  • Who should shop for electricity?

    Any electric customer in New Jersey is eligible to shop, but those with higher usage may have an even greater incentive to do so. Commercial and industrial customers with peak loads of 750 kilowatts or more are subject to a retail margin of one-half cent per kilowatthour if they continue to buy their electric supplies from their utility. Those customers with peak loads of 1,000 kilowatts or above are also subject to hourly pricing (i.e. their supply costs change hour-by-hour to reflect the actual cost of generating electricity in that particular time period).

  • What is the difference between a LDC and a TPS?

    A Local Distribution Company (LDC) is the company that owns the power lines and equipment necessary to deliver electricity to the customer. Also, called your Default Company if you choose not to switch. TriEagle is currently servicing the Atlantic City Electric, JCP&L and PSE&G areas. Third Party Suppliers (TPS) is your electric retail supplier; such as TriEagle.

    Your local distribution company will still deliver those supplies through their wires and respond to emergencies, should they arise – regardless of where those supplies are purchased.  Purchasing your energy supplies from TriEagle is purely an economic decision; it has no impact on the reliability or safety of your service.

  • Where will my bill come from?

    You will continue to receive a monthly bill from your EDC, just as you always have.   However, there will be a TriEagle section that shows the price you pay per kilowatt-hour.  You still make one electric payment per month to your EDC.  The EDC will then pay TriEagle on your behalf, also called consolidated billing.

  • What does my TriEagle price include?

    It includes your energy rate, supplier transmission costs and an estimated Gross Receipts Tax (GRT).  Pay special attention when comparing supplier prices. Some suppliers are not including GRT into your price.  Since GRT is mandatory, TriEagle’s price gives a better view of what you will pay a month.  No hidden surprises. No pass through charges. You will pay your energy rate times usage plus any applicable taxes (i.e. GRT)

  • What kind of certifications does TriEagle have in New Jersey to sell electricity?

    We are certified with the Board of Public Utilities , License # ESL-0134.  We are also registered with PJM, a Regional Transmission Organization that controls the wholesale electric grid in 13 states including New Jersey.  In addition, TriEagle has tested and been approved with Atlantic City Electric, JCP&L and PSE&G to make sure that our systems are compatible.  You will find TriEagle listed on all 3 LDC websites and the NJ Board of Public Utilities website. 

  • Do I need to notify my current provider or utility that I have switched to TriEagle?

    No. Once you have selected TriEagle, LP as your supplier, we will take care of contacting your current utility on your behalf. Once your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive an email from TriEagle with plan details and documents. 

  • Do you charge minimum usage fees if I don't use a certain amount of energy?

    There will be no minimum usage requirements or fees  from TriEagle as set forth or determined in accordance with your TriEagle agreement. Your monthly energy charge is solely determined by the agreed rate multiplied by energy usage.

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