Electric Generation Supplier Contract Summary
Electric Generation
Supplier Information
TriEagle Energy LP
Telephone Number: 877-933-2453 (toll-free, 9AM-8PM EST Monday – Friday)
Website: www.TriEagleEnergy.com
TriEagle Energy is responsible for supplying the generation portion of your electricity bill.
Price Structure You selected a Fixed Rate.
Generation/Supply Price Your Rate will be 6.96¢ per kWh.
Statement Regarding Savings You understand that unless you have been offered a Rate, confirmed by TriEagle Energy in writing, that expressly provides otherwise, there are no guaranteed savings and your Rate may be higher or lower than the Electric Distribution Company’s rate in any given month.
Deposit Requirements TriEagle Energy does not require a deposit.
Incentives Currently there are no incentives associated with this offer.
Contract Start Date TriEagle Energy will begin supplying your Services when the Electric Distribution Company switches your account to TriEagle Energy. Typically it takes one to two billing cycles for your Service to be switched from your Electric Distribution Company to TriEagle Energy.
Contract Term/Length Your Term will be for 36 months once your utility switches your account to TriEagle Energy.
Cancellation/Early Termination Fees Early termination fee $125.00
Renewal Terms You will receive notifications from TriEagle Energy 30 and 45 days prior to the end of your Term regarding your future product options. If you take no action, your Agreement will automatically convert to either a month-to-month Variable Rate contract with price change notifications and no termination fee, as described in the attached Terms and Conditions, or a Fixed Rate contract with no termination fee. For any renewal term, either party may terminate at any time without penalty.
Electric Distribution
Company Information

Your Electric Distribution Company is responsible for distribution charges, as well as any emergencies/outages/etc.
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